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5 Ways to Feel Energized without Caffeine Linda Torkelson
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by Linda Torkelson

Not possible you say? How can I even begin to wake without a cup of Joe, an energy drink or some other caffeinated jolt to the system? The secret may actually be in your sleep. But there are ways to bolt from your bed welcoming the day with energy, sans caffeine.


The answer to any number of problems lies in the elixir of life. Stumble to the sink and splash some cold water on your face before you jump in the shower. Wake up your face, wake up the rest of you! Cold water is also known to shrink pores—bonus!

Make sure your shower is warm not hot. It not only wakes you up but also soothes any sore, sleepy muscles and your singing will put you in a great mood. Once you towel off, wake up your insides with a tall glass of cold water. Cold water increases adrenaline and stimulates blood flow to your brain. Don’t you feel better already?


If it’s good enough for the savage beast, it’s good enough for you. Belting out a favorite tune in the shower may prepare your voice for that presentation later today, or answering the five hundred “whys” of a four-year-old…but listening, and moving to music that inspires you makes for a great, happy start. Don’t have a morning playlist? Create one.

Scientists who study music found that it doesn’t take a particular type of music to stimulate the brain. Just the rhythm itself is known to reduce stress, improve cognitive and motor skills and aid the brain’s ability to produce neurons. Can your morning coffee say that?


The faster you get out of that bed, the better the day will be. Trust us on this one. Get up. Stretch those arms above your head. Bend over. Touch your toes. Yes, you can. Flex your feet. Light exercise, if you’re not the running, gym rat type, will get the blood flowing and have you questioning, who needs coffee?

If you are the running or gym type and you hit the morning full speed, good for you. Research shows that as little as seven minutes of exercise can have positive effects on attitude, energy and focus. No one comes back from a run aching for a cup of coffee. The body thanks you for your service and repays you in energy and pep. Now, go take a shower. You stink a little.

Have You Eaten?

What’s that you say? You don’t eat breakfast. Break that habit now. It’s too easy to prepare a little something before you’re out the door. Add some hot sauce to your scrambled eggs to give your system some morning pick-me-up. Apples make the day brighter—not just by keeping the doctor away but by waking up your mouth and stimulating your insides to go.

Some of the best foods for energy? Kale and spinach. In the morning? You bet. They provide iron, which can ease fatigue and antioxidants for energy. Add them to a smoothie or an omelet. Speaking of eggs, they provide high quality protein but only if you eat the whole thing. For your sweet tooth, add some watermelon for hydration, banana for fiber and fuel, and dates for an instant burst of energy. Almonds fight muscle fatigue and the good fat from avocados lasts for hours. You can also add bee pollen and chia seeds to just about anything. They provide endurance and make you feel full.

More and more research is showing that the best morning comes from the best sleep, as in your bedroom and your mattress. Create a bedtime routine where you begin to relax well before you hit the sheets.

A great bed is key, as in your mattress. The Propel Hybrid by Brooklyn bedding is designed to promote greater vitality through the use of smart fabrics that enhance sleep quality. That’s the stuff that’s key for a good morning. The difference? It’s made right here in America and features a trifecta of advance technology treatments focused on the active recovery of Upcycle—plus the proprietary temperature moderation of TitanCool™ and the natural health benefits of copper.

You can learn more about Propel Hybrid and kick starting your morning here.

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