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5 Facts About Sleeping with a Partner

27% sleep back to back without touching. 18% of couples spoon. 8% sleep touching and then move apart. 4% sleep...

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Benefits of Napping at Work

You're not dreaming – though your boss might think you are when you lay down the facts on the positives...

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5 Easy Steps to Kickstart Your Morning

As tempting as it may be to hit snooze, you actually run the risk of being groggier after going back...

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Live Your Best Life

So you think you’ve done it all. You’ve stuck to your green juice and gym membership (and all your New...

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What is Upcycle ™ Technology?

The Propel by Brooklyn Bedding features an elite European performance fabric called Upcycle™—a proprietary surface treatment of encapsulated minerals on...

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All-Day Hacks for Better Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is not just a luxury—it’s vital to our health and well-being. While your brain and...

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5 Stretches for Better Sleep

If you’re looking for a natural way to wine down before bed, stretching is a beneficial exercise that will relieve...

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